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Group Info Group Founded 6 Years ago Statistics 1,406 Members
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Gallery Folders

Featured by tecnocida
Zelda Month 2016 by Krustalos
Three Branches of Fate by Shadsie
Breath of the Wild by AdamScythe
Digital Drawings And Paintings
Starry Sky by Z-Raid
Link Together Art by Alamino
Lost memories 1. Zelda's nap by Celtilia
A Zora and Gerudo play the Switch by jkalsop
Traditional Drawings and Paintings
Wind Waker - The Princess's Knight by kamon-san
Check it! by ellenent
Lynel by PitchBlackEspresso
The Crimson Permanent Assurance by AceNos
Fanfiction and other Writings
RT Ep. 10: The Rise of Golus Pt. 5 by MasterofNintendo
Tetra by the Stream by AnnieChie
The Young Princess by AnnieChie
Zelda from Breath of the Wild by LayzeMichelle
Protector of Her Grace by AnnieChie
pag6 by tecnocida
pag4 by tecnocida
pag3 by tecnocida
Optimism by Z-Raid
Digital Modeling
Midna Sfm by KameronThe1
TLoZ Twilight Princess by KameronThe1
Zelda and Midna by KameronThe1
Twilight Princess by KameronThe1
Divine Beast Vah Rudania by ChaoticallyWicked
Divine Beast Vah Naboris by ChaoticallyWicked
Divine Beast Vah Medoh by ChaoticallyWicked
Zeldatale - Ravio by Renji-Hazaki
Artisan Crafts
Lego Link (Updated) by FeynaSkydancer
Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) Keychain by Drevart
Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) Comparison by Drevart
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Keychain by Drevart
Screen Shots
Hyrule Warriors Results Screen - Pirate Queen by ObsessedGamerGal86
Hyrule Warriors - Earth God's Lyrics by ObsessedGamerGal86
Hyrule Warriors - Medli's Victory Pose by ObsessedGamerGal86
Hyrule Warriors - Cia's Ambitions by ObsessedGamerGal86
Photo Picture Manipulation
Wallpaper Zelda for iPad Pro by IgorBMaciel
Other Mediums
Zelda OC - Roxe by Colonel-Majora-777
Halloween costume contest
All together for Halloween by Lunabandid


Mission Statement
We here at the Zelda Dungeon Deviant Art group demonstrate our appreciation and emotions in regards to Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series through various artistic traditions.

Are there any restrictions to who or what can be submitted?
Original and Legend of Zelda related, is what we're looking for be it digital art, traditional art, fanfiction, etc. Please submit art that is uploaded/created by you. If you have permission of the original artist to upload their work or did a collab, those are also fine, but please do not submit work from other accounts. One thing to note though is that Zelda Dungeon provides a more or less family friendly environment. Therefore, submissions should be kept PG-13. Violence is fine as long as it's not too out there, but nudity, profanity, and "questionable themes" will not be accepted. (This includes Yuris, Yaois and questionable shipping) If you are not sure if your art meets this requirement, just submit it and see if it is accepted.

To which gallery folder should I submit my work?
There are eleven folders currently open to submissions by anyone.

Digital Art
-Any 2 dimensional art that is drawn using a computer program.

Traditional Drawing
-Any art using good old fashion pencil and paper or other traditional drawing and/or paintings instruments. This is for drawings and paintings only. Other traditional art methods should be submitted under "other mediums"

Fanfiction and other Writings
-Any type of original literature

-Any art that features panel to panel. If it has more than 2 panels, submit here. Two or less can be submitted into other categories. The exceptions are animations and cosplay. ALL animations and cosplay will be submitted into the their correct folders. Digital Modeling and Other Mediums may also be an exception depending on the circumstances.

- Any art with real people dressing up as Zelda characters.

Digital Modeling
-Any 3-Dimensional art created by computer design

-Any kind of art with animations or sprites. If it moves, submit it here even if it fits the other categories.

Artisan Crafts
-Any hand made plush, jewelry, sculpture, etc.

Photo/Picture Manipulations
-Any art where pictures that are not your creations were used in the dominate making of said picture.

Screen Shots
-Any art taken directly from a screen with no editing to it.

Other Mediums
-Things that are not covered in the other categories such as live modeling, merchandise, etc...

How does the Featured work?

Art that is submitted to the admins of the group are selected to be put into the featured folder.

Breath of the Wild Drawing Contest

Deviant Art user FallenAngelGM :iconfallenangelgm: is hosting a Legend of Zelda drawing content featuring Breath of the Wild. For more information, follow this link.
(Get it? It's a Legend of Zelda pun!)

If you'd like us to advertise any of your Zelda related events, feel free to private message Zelda Dungeon DA or me and I'll consider it.
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Group Info

This is an extension of the FanArt album of the gallery, found here:

We are focused, as our name suggests, on Legend of Zelda based fanart, all appropriate submissions are welcome as this is an open fanart group.
Founded 6 Years ago
Jan 3, 2011


Group Focus
Fan Club

1,406 Members
1,380 Watchers
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asou551 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for approval!
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No problem! Welcome to ZeldaDungeon :)
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Do all or some of the artworks posted here get published on the Zeldadungeon website in any way, shape, or form? Just curious. 
RandomPerson1310 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016
No. This group started as an extension of the ZeldaDungeon website, but we have since been disconnected from them.
PatchesWolf Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Student General Artist
Thanks for the info! It's still a cool group though. :XD:
The-Hero-of-Hyrule Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016
Happy 30th Zelda Anniversary to you fans all over the world!  My website for the event is complete!:…
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Here's the official website link!…
The-Hero-of-Hyrule Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
Hello everyone!  I'm a long time Zelda fan who's currently working on my very own tribute for the legend's 30th anniversary. :)
silicon-jayce Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oooh I'm excited to see when you finish!
The-Hero-of-Hyrule Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
If everything goes according to plan, february 21st! xD
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